One of our particular specialisms is the provision of gynaecological services for girls and young women.

We want to ensure that a visit to the gynaecologist is not a frightening experience, for young girls in particular, and hope to offer them a safe place to turn to.

The consultation is not restricted just to issues of contraception, but can also include any other problems arising from the beginning of sexuality and adolescence.

The first consultation will not usually involve a physical gynaecological examination. If requested, a friend or boyfriend may be present at the consultation.

We can carry out an examination to rule out any bleeding disorders before prescribing the contraceptive pill.

For longer stays abroad, we can offer advice on any questions or problems by email.

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Flyer Paediatric and adolescent gynaecology
Flyer Thrombophilia screening

Kinder- und Jugendgynäkologie